Saturday, July 12, 2014

Zen Mama

I am seriously flying high! I could barely drive home from my Young Living Essential Oils Class. I was driving down the road and saw this new drive through coffee shop. I was thrilled to see someone open up a new place that wasn't a Starbucks. I thought, wow, that is so cool, someone had a passion, an idea, a dream, and didn't let fear hold them back. They opened a shop. No getting to the end of their life, wishing "I wish I had done... ".  I love it! So then I got to thinking, gee, mom's need a place that they can go and calm down.

Whenever we want to go and teach a oils class or attend one, we have to leave our kids, so we can focus. This causes anxiety, stress, money (babysitter), etc.  All the reasons we needed to go to the oils class to begin with! All these problems lead to inflammation, pain and disease. I had just left an amazing class, with a group of moms, struggling to help their children, ages ranging from toddlers to young adults. We all feel the same. We want healthy, happy children. Some of us have been dealt tougher cards than others, dealing with sensory issues, to Autism, to anxiety, depression, PMS, trauma, chronic pain, etc. When the class was over and I had ingested oils, diffused oils, applied oils. I was so clear headed, I couldn't believe I had about 5 hours of sleep, hiked down to the river, prepared for a class, made food to bring, and all with out caffeine or my favorite natural energy booster NITRO, Ningxia Red, sparkly water and Young Living Peppermint oil. I was even concerned that I wouldn't have the focus to teach my class. I worried as the facilitator, that I would get sidetracked and not be able to convey the information about these therapeutic grade essential oils.

Then I stopped and embraced where I was at, at that moment. I shared the intentions for the night and how we were regular moms, not doctors, not going to claim any magic cures, just here to share our passion for oils, our testimonials, our stories. We were not there to sell anything, just give information. We were there to hear their stories, foster community and to show what works for us. We encouraged people to write down information, to further imprint information in their brain. We passed around the starter kit, that consists of 10 essential oils you could use for any ailment you have and can replace any over the counter drugs and clean out the toxic cupboards. As we passed the oils and inhaled them, sometimes applying them, we heard information on the brain, the frequencies of the oils and how to be safe when learning to use the oils. We created a sacred space that women could share their concerns, ailments, struggles, questions. It was so courageous for these women to share what is really going on. One shared how she got off antidepressants with Young Living Frankincense and Ningxia Red. Another talked about anxiety, stress and anger, and the different roll on blends Tranquil and Stress Away. There was so much to share, in such little time, that many questions were answered, and some probably not. People wanted to know about pain, insomnia, skin issues, tendinitis, PH balancing, liver cleansing, autism and digestion. It could have gone all night. I walked in with two started kits and both were quickly sold.

I also shared an amazing book called Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils. I told the ladies that it took me a few years of learning the oils, their strength, ability and to trust that all I know, read and experience is true.  It has been my experience, that when someone can't figure out their physical aliment, it is almost always an emotional issue. I explained how the book works and how you can look up a specific emotion, a point on your body or an oil you are drawn to. I am never surprised when it helps me identify what is going on. From me personally, friends, my 3, 10 and 13 year olds!

There was no need to tell my whole story and why or when I got involved with Young Living. I just trusted that my intentions were good, that I was there to honor people, different experiences and choices. I knew that all people usually want only good and are often too busy to take the time or make the time to learn. Those of us that host classes or parties at our homes are here to help our family and friends, sometimes even strangers at the park. We really feel passionate about health. When you look at the areas in your life, whether it be relationships, children, career, finance, fame, etc.,  if you are not addressing your health first, then the rest will not be balanced. When I look at my Feng Shui Bagua Board of nine areas, I always come back to the middle quadrant, health and fitness. If I do not apply the oxygen to myself first, I will not be able to help my family. I always thought that was odd, on a airplane, when the flight attendant would say that. Then I had kids and I started to see the importance of trusting your inner guide. Following your passions and belief's no matter what others were doing. Then you get to the logistics of that, or the excuses for why you can't do that. When you have the crazy life like mine, where my husband travels for a living 90% of the year, I have a hard time to remember to breathe, to find my own time, to find spa time, to have clarity, to look at my health.

I went to my OB earlier in the week, and was in the waiting room for over an hour. It was so upsetting,  I was never updated on the wait time and it was just ignored that I had children at home or other plans. It became clear that everyone that worked there and visited there, were under the impression that harm is ok. That to make people wait that long, was acceptable. That it was normal. That this was part of taking care of yourself. You have to wait. When in actuality, it's not. You don't have to wait, 1 1/2 hours, to get to see your doctor for 5 minutes, for her to tell you that you should go get lab work and that the uterine polyp is probably not causing your 36 day period. For me to leave feeling harmed by the loss of time, causing stress, building anxiety, leaving me with no hope. Really?

If you are in this boat, the "I guess this is life.... sigh..". Why? You actually have a choice, to sit there and put up with the baloney or to find another option. That is what I did with health, birth, and school. I found another option. One that would keep my kids out of harms way. If they are in harm, where will that take them? Does harm foster a healthy life? Will this way lead to happiness and success? If harm is involved? No. This is not an opinion, it is the truth. I have been quietly speaking the truth, living the truth and sharing the truth, with those who were listening. I can no longer stand back, sit in the dark and watch harm being done, everyday, all day, to everybody. This is the first post I have ever wrote without going back and reading, before moving forward. I'm not a typist and I can't get this out fast enough. It is 12:30 in the morning and I can feel the adrenaline pumping through me. Of course there is an oil for that, but I can't even get up to get it.

So, I will now go back to the beginning, where I was flying high about the coffee shop I saw. I had a dream, come to life in the 20 minute drive home. I have already shared it with my best friend, my kids and now here. I will keep some of the vision a surprise, so you can join me on my journey to alleviate harm. I will have a place where mom's can go to find answers, to calm down, to relax. There will not be coffee, yoga, spa treatments, stress of leaving kids at home, pressure, judgement, quick fixes, promises. There will be oils, Ningxia Red, Slique Tea, healthy snacks, and most importantly a place for you to swing by, drop in, with or without kids. This will happen. You will come and you will be forever changed. I have been, and it only took 20 minutes, alone in the car without kids. Just kidding, no quick fixes! I have patience, belief, trust, dreams, no boundaries, no limits, no excuses. Are you ready? Do you want what I have? Do you want to see my dream come to life? Why not! Follow me, encourage me, believe in me, remind me, cheer me on, host a class or party, checkout my website, however, whatever, whenever. I'm just a mom, and I can get side tracked, but I'm not willing to stand by and watch the harm in this toxic place, the patterns, the old stories, the illness and disease to go on. I can make a difference and change. I already have.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Right Where I Should Be

I sit here, this rainy Sunday, in a warm, quiet house. I am enjoying where I am right now. All who know me, are aware this could change at any moment. With three kids, ages 12, 9 and 2, the energy and needs are in constant motion and screaming is often involved. We have already been to a basketball game, a birthday party, lunch and a clothing store. My youngest sweetie fell asleep in the car (I love that, easiest baby to transfer). The 12 year old is playing a game next door, and my marvelous middle is have a club meeting in the garage. The sounds of the girls laughing and the washing machine humming, and the smells of my balsam fir in my Young Living diffuser, are amazing. As I sit here, I struggle with all the lists of things I need to do, I walk past the four loads of laundry to fold. I am practicing being present. Actually sitting doing nothing. This is hard in our fast pace world, of hurry up, get it done, must do more, must be the best, etc.  I have found when I'm overwhelmed with to do's I just say to myself, "I am doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing." I may have to say it over and over, but it forces me to override the mind chatter and self judgement. When I stop, I am aware of what is most important, my family and the present.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Season For Nonviolence

As part of our homeschooling/life schooling adventure, we expose our kids to a variety of curriculum choices and many hands on real life experiences. Developing a successful person is the ultimate goal for all of us. But what is success? Well we may all have a different definition based on our own success or lack of. One common value all must embrace is peace and kindness.

I have been taking time to develop my spiritual connection to the greater being and through this practice, I was introduced to the 64 ways in 64 Days to commit to for the Season of Nonviolence. I had heard of this a few years ago and didn't pay much attention to it, because I'm not a violent person. When I heard it described this time, the reverend said that we probably think we aren't violent, but violence comes in all forms and causes harm. It could be the tone you are using with someone, the judgement you make, the gossip you engage in. When I heard the tone statement, I thought: guilty. I never thought of it as harmful. Of course I know it doesn't feel good to be yelled at or to be the yeller. So in honor of the anniversaries of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi, I have made a commitment to be conscious of the way I am everyday, all day.

Now to the hard part. The first day was Thursday the 30th. The commitment was: "Today, I will reflect on what peace means to me." It wasn't very long after we got up that my 12 year old upset me and I may have yelled. I was upset that I failed the test already. Then I remembered that life gives you do overs, and so I went on. The next day was: "Today, I will look at opportunities to be a peacemaker." The same thing, at some point in the day, I found I was using a tone, that could be harmful. By the evening I was wavering between guilt and failure. How could this simple commitment be hard for me! Then I had a light bulb go on.

I have been reading and discussing a book by Bruce Lipton, called Biology Of Belief. It is a new science book on the brain and how it works. He claims that we are only conscious 5% of the time. 95% of the time our actions, habits, etc. come from unconscious place. Take a moment to think about how routine you day may be and how you interact with people, often you are in a fog, not having to think. When you are conscious you are completely aware of your tone, your words, your actions, etc. It has taken me a few years to understand and embrace this knowledge. I really saw it in action over the last few days, when I was trying to teach my kids to be aware of their actions and words, in a effort to make a commitment to nonviolence. The gift I have been given, is the awareness when I come from harm. It will go off like an alarm, as soon as it happens. This is not failure, this is a breakthrough. Many folks will not take the time, to look inward at their patterns and scripts that they come from. It's too painful to do self development. As for guilt, I have none, because I'm working on myself, now, before my kids grow up. I'm helping them to become conscious people, whom come from that 5% more and if they can do this, they will be successful. So it is my hope and dream, that I can inspire one person to check themselves. To look up and print out the Season of Nonviolence and become more aware. Lets keep the momentum of these great peacemakers alive. It starts with you, your family, in your home.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Are You Dancing?

Are you dancing? Why not?

At any moment, at anytime you have an opportunity to dance. Sometimes you will be dancing to a fast, happy song, sometimes a slow, sad song. We all have a song and we should dance.

When we dance we are usually happy, and if we are not, the moving of our body can change the chemistry. When we are happy, we are usually coming from our heart. When we come from our heart, we return to who we were born as, and we when we are returning to ourselves, we have clarity. So why not dance?

My intention for 2014 is to show you how to dance. I am not a dancer, I don't see myself as a fabulous dancer, but I like to dance. When I recently had this clarity, I started to share this idea with women, whom I had just met. I was surprised by the responses I was given. Many asked how I was going to do this and if I was a dancer. I replied with the most confidence, I've had in a long time, "We all have a song, it is different than everyone else's. We need to give ourselves permission to follow our hearts and find happiness. To follow our passions and return to ourselves. I believe when we dance, it makes us happy and when we are happy, we have clarity, allowing us to come from our hearts and break away from patterns that may have been set in our life. Find your song and dance! This will create the balance you are looking for in your life." The women then thanked me and shared how they love to dance, but hadn't done so in a long time. I gave them permission to dance. As they walked through a spiritual path of angels, hearing positive affirmations, I whispered, "find your song and dance." Eyes filled with tears, or mouths curved up in smiles, as they recognized my voice or appreciated to reminder to return to themselves.

As I look back on this spiritual transformation from 2013 to 2014, I have extreme balance. I am happy when I walk by my balance rocks and see that even in the midst of the storm, they have stayed solid and so have I. I find strength in going to my balance alter, with my Young Living Oils and my vision boards, to re-CENTER (see previous post) and gather strength to help me go on. I am reminded what is important to me and what I need to focus on. My family is receiving this gift as I model it and share the tools with them. I am passionate about sharing my tools with other family members, friends, home schoolers, etc. I have been given a gift to share and will continue to shine light on the darkness and inspire others to dance!

If you would like to host a dance session/balance class in your home, let me know! I am confident you will leave feeling refreshed and have the strength to spread light and love to all that cross your path. If interested in how I use essential oils to heal naturally, prevent and fight off illness or stay emotionally balanced, then see my website:

Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Embrace the Return to Yourself

As I sit and listen to the night sounds, I feel blessed to have created a space to share thoughts from within. I know I have strayed from the blogging, often wondering if anyone even reads it. But that doesn't matter, because at the end of the day when I'm reflecting, its a nice place to let the thoughts flow. When I am balanced and listening to my heart I have clarity. This is when I feel I must record these thoughts, for thoughts become words and words become actions. Be careful what you think or say, you will get it all.

I just have returned from a weekend in town at a homeschool conference. I always get jazzed by all the confident speakers. These are usually moms who have older homeschoolers, who have made it, who are successful. I left feeling a sense of pride and honor to be able to have the opportunity to homeschool my three children. I do occasionally long for alone moments, but know at some point there will be many. One of the speakers spoke about this unexpected journey with her family and how she introduced herself as a writer, to a lady she just me. She actually hadn't published anything, but had a passion in her heart to do so. She encouraged us to follow our passions, and dreams and to model that for our children. Its so easy to lose ourselves in the kids and activities, that we don't even know what we want for ourselves. The kids leave and you have nothing, no passion, no purpose, no drive. This can leave the kids feeling responsible for your happiness. So, I sat there and thought about the things I like to do and was excited to get back online and share my perspective on whatever comes up. My passions in life are all related to family, homeschooling, teaching, natural childbirth, natural healing with Young Living essential oils, living balanced lives, community and traditions. My activities and friends overlap in all areas. I am blessed to be able to follow my dreams and share with others how I do it.

I also spoke at the conference. I laughed at my topic, because I didn't feel very confident at it last week. But instead of getting discouraged I looked at it as a gift, to review all the tools I do have. My workshop was called Finding Balance Within. I shared a tool I use to balance and change energy in my home. How to stay centered and calm in the midst of a storm. I had lavender diffusing and soft relaxation music playing. People entered the room with hope in their eyes, for simple tricks to balance. I went around the room and put Young Living's essential oil blend Balance, on everyone palms. They rubbed the oil in a clockwise motion and then we cupped both hands over our noses. We took long deep breaths, with a five second inhale and a five second exhale. As we practiced a deep meaningful breath the energy in the room went from a low hum, to very tranquil and relaxed. I taught a centering sequence of phrases that you say in your head while inhaling and exhaling. This was successful and amazing to see so many people fully relax and let go. They were open to a new tool and I know many will go share with their family.

The centering sequence is:
C- come to a complete stop, leave the situation, in order to go center. Say: I am (on the inhale), completely stopping (on the exhale)
E- expect nothing, when you set yourself up with expectations and they don't occur you feel like you failed. Say: I expect (on the inhale), nothing (on the exhale)
N- Name your work, be specific to what you are trying to do at that moment, it maybe just centering, or it maybe more specific like I am trying to get kids in the car. Say: I am doing (on the inhale), my work (on the exhale)
T- trust your resources, the tools you have, the people who support you, this sequence. Say: I trust (on the inhale), my resources (on the exhale)
E- embrace the moment, welcome the power behind centering before taking any further action. Say: I embrace (on the inhale), this moment (on the exhale)
R- return with strength. When you go back to situation you will have more clarity because your frequencies have been raised by the deep cleansing breaths. Say: I return (on the inhale), with strength (on the exhale)

If you like this sequence, try adding oils to your meditation and centering. You will be a more balanced person. Warning, you may have clarity and find yourself on a path you wandered off, long ago. Embrace the return to yourself!

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