Thursday, January 16, 2014

Are You Dancing?

Are you dancing? Why not?

At any moment, at anytime you have an opportunity to dance. Sometimes you will be dancing to a fast, happy song, sometimes a slow, sad song. We all have a song and we should dance.

When we dance we are usually happy, and if we are not, the moving of our body can change the chemistry. When we are happy, we are usually coming from our heart. When we come from our heart, we return to who we were born as, and we when we are returning to ourselves, we have clarity. So why not dance?

My intention for 2014 is to show you how to dance. I am not a dancer, I don't see myself as a fabulous dancer, but I like to dance. When I recently had this clarity, I started to share this idea with women, whom I had just met. I was surprised by the responses I was given. Many asked how I was going to do this and if I was a dancer. I replied with the most confidence, I've had in a long time, "We all have a song, it is different than everyone else's. We need to give ourselves permission to follow our hearts and find happiness. To follow our passions and return to ourselves. I believe when we dance, it makes us happy and when we are happy, we have clarity, allowing us to come from our hearts and break away from patterns that may have been set in our life. Find your song and dance! This will create the balance you are looking for in your life." The women then thanked me and shared how they love to dance, but hadn't done so in a long time. I gave them permission to dance. As they walked through a spiritual path of angels, hearing positive affirmations, I whispered, "find your song and dance." Eyes filled with tears, or mouths curved up in smiles, as they recognized my voice or appreciated to reminder to return to themselves.

As I look back on this spiritual transformation from 2013 to 2014, I have extreme balance. I am happy when I walk by my balance rocks and see that even in the midst of the storm, they have stayed solid and so have I. I find strength in going to my balance alter, with my Young Living Oils and my vision boards, to re-CENTER (see previous post) and gather strength to help me go on. I am reminded what is important to me and what I need to focus on. My family is receiving this gift as I model it and share the tools with them. I am passionate about sharing my tools with other family members, friends, home schoolers, etc. I have been given a gift to share and will continue to shine light on the darkness and inspire others to dance!

If you would like to host a dance session/balance class in your home, let me know! I am confident you will leave feeling refreshed and have the strength to spread light and love to all that cross your path. If interested in how I use essential oils to heal naturally, prevent and fight off illness or stay emotionally balanced, then see my website:

Happy New Year!!

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