Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm Having a Art Sale, Today!

My children are budding artists, of course it runs in the family. Monday night James suggested that Cade have a sale at Second Saturday. Often small vendors will set up on the sidewalks downtown and sell their work. Well Cade was so excited, he insisted on doing it the next day. He made a sign that said "Art Viewing and Sale." He planned to serve lemonade and probably sell the painting for $10 a piece. As a momma, I was trying to be encouraging, but also wanted him to be successful. I suggested it just be a preview for Second Saturday and that he could except donations. Well he was determined. At about 20 minutes before kids got out of the school around the corner, he ran and hung his sign. He sent his sister inside to make lemonade and set up the art table. I helped hang the art work on a rope line with clothes pins. As children came home they stopped by and were served lemonade and looked at art work. Cade didn't expect any money from them, although a few put in a quarter. They would comment on their favorite pieces and ask questions about the water color technique. After the 3 families had walked by, he then went and invited our elderly neighbors. He told them he was selling paintings for $5 a piece. They said they would come in a half and hour. When they came, the kids greeted them politely and served them lemonade. The couple asked how much it was to go through the tour and Cade said a donation would be fine. Cade proceeded to take them to each painting and discuss the colors, movement and overall feeling he had. They were so impressed by his excitement and ability to share what he had done. They paid $2 for the tour and thanked him. Cade then asked if they would like to take a painting home. They discussed which one impressed them and decided on the sunrise to hang in their garage; where they hang out every morning. They asked how much the painting was and Cade said they paid enough. What a bargain and deal for our friends. He didn't focus being greedy to get the money he wanted for some toy, just the process and enjoyment he gave to this couple. They complimented our family for the nice things we do and how we get them involved. It made their day and mine!

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