Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Embrace the Return to Yourself

As I sit and listen to the night sounds, I feel blessed to have created a space to share thoughts from within. I know I have strayed from the blogging, often wondering if anyone even reads it. But that doesn't matter, because at the end of the day when I'm reflecting, its a nice place to let the thoughts flow. When I am balanced and listening to my heart I have clarity. This is when I feel I must record these thoughts, for thoughts become words and words become actions. Be careful what you think or say, you will get it all.

I just have returned from a weekend in town at a homeschool conference. I always get jazzed by all the confident speakers. These are usually moms who have older homeschoolers, who have made it, who are successful. I left feeling a sense of pride and honor to be able to have the opportunity to homeschool my three children. I do occasionally long for alone moments, but know at some point there will be many. One of the speakers spoke about this unexpected journey with her family and how she introduced herself as a writer, to a lady she just me. She actually hadn't published anything, but had a passion in her heart to do so. She encouraged us to follow our passions, and dreams and to model that for our children. Its so easy to lose ourselves in the kids and activities, that we don't even know what we want for ourselves. The kids leave and you have nothing, no passion, no purpose, no drive. This can leave the kids feeling responsible for your happiness. So, I sat there and thought about the things I like to do and was excited to get back online and share my perspective on whatever comes up. My passions in life are all related to family, homeschooling, teaching, natural childbirth, natural healing with Young Living essential oils, living balanced lives, community and traditions. My activities and friends overlap in all areas. I am blessed to be able to follow my dreams and share with others how I do it.

I also spoke at the conference. I laughed at my topic, because I didn't feel very confident at it last week. But instead of getting discouraged I looked at it as a gift, to review all the tools I do have. My workshop was called Finding Balance Within. I shared a tool I use to balance and change energy in my home. How to stay centered and calm in the midst of a storm. I had lavender diffusing and soft relaxation music playing. People entered the room with hope in their eyes, for simple tricks to balance. I went around the room and put Young Living's essential oil blend Balance, on everyone palms. They rubbed the oil in a clockwise motion and then we cupped both hands over our noses. We took long deep breaths, with a five second inhale and a five second exhale. As we practiced a deep meaningful breath the energy in the room went from a low hum, to very tranquil and relaxed. I taught a centering sequence of phrases that you say in your head while inhaling and exhaling. This was successful and amazing to see so many people fully relax and let go. They were open to a new tool and I know many will go share with their family.

The centering sequence is:
C- come to a complete stop, leave the situation, in order to go center. Say: I am (on the inhale), completely stopping (on the exhale)
E- expect nothing, when you set yourself up with expectations and they don't occur you feel like you failed. Say: I expect (on the inhale), nothing (on the exhale)
N- Name your work, be specific to what you are trying to do at that moment, it maybe just centering, or it maybe more specific like I am trying to get kids in the car. Say: I am doing (on the inhale), my work (on the exhale)
T- trust your resources, the tools you have, the people who support you, this sequence. Say: I trust (on the inhale), my resources (on the exhale)
E- embrace the moment, welcome the power behind centering before taking any further action. Say: I embrace (on the inhale), this moment (on the exhale)
R- return with strength. When you go back to situation you will have more clarity because your frequencies have been raised by the deep cleansing breaths. Say: I return (on the inhale), with strength (on the exhale)

If you like this sequence, try adding oils to your meditation and centering. You will be a more balanced person. Warning, you may have clarity and find yourself on a path you wandered off, long ago. Embrace the return to yourself!

A Balanced Life: Embrace the Return to Yourself

A Balanced Life: Embrace the Return to Yourself: As I sit and listen to the night sounds, I feel blessed to have created a space to share thoughts from within. I know I have strayed from th...

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