Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Need Peppermint!

I am raising my children to be in touch with their bodies. I have introduced them to The Everyday Nine Collection of Young Living Essential Oils. I have taught them that if you focus on a symptom it will manifest. They know what oil to use in order to prevent a illness from manifesting. I have been using these therapeutic grade oils for 2 years and I can honestly say that the investment in our health has been worth it! I have always thought prevention is the key and understanding nutrition, exercise and the mind/body connection was crucial.

So, last night my daughter went to lie down and yelled out, "I need peppermint". I said, "do you have a tummy ache or having a hard time relaxing for bed?" She got up and went quickly to get the peppermint. I said, "are you ok?" She said, "I'm conscious! I feel like I'm going to barf." I said,"Nauseous?" She said yes, as she began inhaling peppermint, took a drop in water and began this deep breathing relaxed face, staying calm. Looked like a mom in labor, welcome the power, and don't panic! She never did vomit, and she felt much better within a few moments. I know it works because I ofter have a nauseous feeling and will take a drop of peppermint on my tongue and I instantly feel relief!

Are you in charge of your health or do you go to the doctor at the drop of the hat? Do you have a reference book that tells you what oils to use for every symptom you can imagine? I do and I am happy that I can pass this knowledge on to my kids, just like the old days when little grandma used to make mint tea from the leaves in her yard and rub the muscle that was sore. Young Living Oils is a great way to feel passionate about health and become your own natural healer.

Friday, July 16, 2010

We're Together

My husband works very hard year round. He travels quite a bit to places most people only drive through. During the summer he gets to go to cities all over California. We try very hard to be together when we can, so we decided to go to Bakersfield with him. Many people laugh when you say that you are vacationing in Bakersfield. We have had a fun filled trip and feel blessed to step out of our normal routine. We have been to a bug museum, a movie, the pool, the Dollar Tree, shopping, a natural history museum, a army/navy store, a baseball game. We have driven many miles, eaten a lot of good food, hit a bird, driven down a wrong side of a one way street. We have made friends for the day, meeting a curator, a geologist/paleontologist, people at the pool. We may not go to big places and the heat maybe unbearable, but we are together, creating memories that will last forever!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Family Traditions

When I think about growing up, I remember happy traditions with family. I remember birthdays in the backyard, with homemade games and cakes. I remember writing plays for family gatherings, to celebrate the first Thanksgiving, etc. I remember big Christmas parties, with the whole extended family and lots of presents! I remember my grandpa's crab soup, and singing a silly song with the family, called Crabs for Christmas! I remember, him teasing and making up names for the grand kids. I remember Oma's eggnog, that got stronger over the years. I remember lots of new loves coming and going from the family, always being welcomed and hugged. I remember my house being the place for kids to come and play. These memories are good and I have tried to create new one's for my children. I know we are lucky to have so many cousins near by. I realize that you can't choose your family, but they are a big part of your world and make who you are today. That maybe hard when you start looking at your qualities. Wondering where did I get that? As I sit and reflect on a weekend at a family reunion, I think about how hard I laughed and the pictures I took and the memories we shared. I had a great time. I learned a lot about different members and how it was to grow up long ago. Wow, how things have changed in relationships, gender roles, child rearing, and much more. I hope to continue the bonds that were strengthen this weekend, with the use of technology. We are fortunate to have so many ways to share our life. I will try, even more, to foster relationships with family, because it is important. You may not like everything about your family, but being conscious about the things you don't like, can help you make changes for the present and future. Love your family, spend time together, don't take them for granted, talk with them, share stories and pictures, laugh! This will create balance in your world.

Friday, July 2, 2010


With the holiday weekend approaching, I sit here and think about the word freedom. The state of being free, independence. Wow, how thankful I am to have so much freedom. Independence, privilege, familiarity, unrestraint, liberty, exemption, liberation, immunity, license. What does freedom mean to you?

I am a woman, who was given the opportunity to go to school and follow my passion of working with children. I can wear things that make me feel good and not have to follow the strict rules of the past. I can tell the truth, knowing that being genuine is a better quality than trying to look perfect. I am pleased I can homeschool and follow the philosophy that suits my children best. I enjoy the freedom to change that style anytime if it is not working. I am a natural childbirth teacher, and have recently branched out on my own! I find it liberating, to not have to be bound to the Bradley outline and to individualize my class. I am a holistic healer. I can use Young Living Essential oils, to heal the cause of problems, not mask them. How free I feel to look up a symptom and treat it myself! I can sit on my front lawn and share a bottle of wine with a friend. I think that we take freedom for granted. We sit here in the United States and forget that it is not like this in other countries. So, as I come to a close, I will be mindful this weekend of the freedom I have. I will continue to appreciate the small things and to focus on the positives. I will fly my flag and celebrate with family. I am blessed!

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