Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Out of Balance?

When I feel out of control or out of balance, I try to remember my balance workbook. There are different areas for each letter of balance. I know it is hard to step out of your frustration and regain balance, but with training it is possible. So here is an overview, off the top of my head. Some food for thought for those of you reading, who want more from everyday.

B-body, what are you doing to nourish your body, are you breathing slowly, deeply, with purpose? Are you stretching and thanking your body for all it does for you? Are you drinking water and filling your body and brain with nourishing foods?

A-area, do you have a space that you can go to regroup when the storm hits? Are you surrounding yourself with things you love or clutter? Is there sunshine in your home?

L-love, surround yourself with love, be loving, give what you want from others, find time to do loving things for yourself, maybe just sit in the sun for five min.

A-aroma, are there scents that remind you of a relaxing place or moment? Find an essential oil that you can diffuse, inhale, apply. I love Valor by Young Living Essential Oils, it helps me balance, when I am in my special area, refocusing. Amazing how deep inhaling and applying an oil can raise your frequencies! I'm alive!

N-now, are you focused on the past and all you can't get done? Stop and focus on the now, the present breath, the present task. Pay attention to the small details of beauty, nothing like looking at a rollypolly in the middle of the day. What a way to refocus!

C-center, do you have a routine or some affirmations to help you center? I take a set of six affirmations, to say on the inhale and exhale. I am completely stopping. I expect nothing. I am doing my work. I trust my resources. I embrace this moment. I return with strength.

E-embrace, take time to practice these steps, to implement them, to memorize them, to stop in the middle of the storm and try to ask yourself these questions. It takes practice to be conscious and to be loving and to remain positive.

I am not perfect at it, but I've only been practicing for about 2 years. This BALANCE concept is fairly new to me. I try to remember that is is all about balance in every aspect of my life. When I wake up I try to drink a cup of water, before my coffee. We eat we mostly whole foods, but will go to a b-day party at a cheesy pizza joint, if it means celebrating life! When my kids are challenging, I stop to center, remembering to trust my resources, and ask for help, to get a break. I still love them and will be a better mom after I have had some me time. So when you think, oh I can't have balance, start small, with one area. Amazing how simple steps can lead to big life changes!

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