Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Balance Rocks

I have this beautiful blue rock, with the word balance on it. I have it by my bed, to help remind me to remain calm and try to create balance everyday. I bought this rock. I have since decided that I like this rock so much, that I would like to paint some river rocks and give them out. I have been collecting rocks for a few weeks, looking for round, smooth, flat rocks. I sat down last week and painted 8 rocks. I tried to make simple designs, then covered them with a sealer.

For my birthday, I had the pleasure of hanging out with a few friends. I took all 8 rocks with me. We sat at a local wine bar and enjoyed a few tastes and good conversation. At the end I pulled out my rocks and placed them on the table. I told my friends to pick a rock that they like. The girls started touching them, feeling them in their hands, checking out the designs. They picked rocks based on how it felt in their hands. I felt good to be able to share such a simple tool that works for me.

The act of painting the rocks, sharing the rocks and touching the rock is all simple forms of meditation. It only takes a few minutes a day to change your life. So as you sit thinking you don't have time to meditate, grab a rock and place it somewhere that will remind you to focus on your breath, positive thoughts, the now. You can create balance. As you have more positive days, you find more purpose and fill your days with passion.

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