Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Makes Me Happy?

When I stop and think about what makes me happy, I come to the word order. I almost cringe at the word, when you think of it from a ego perspective. What I really mean is I want harmony, in the way we see it in nature. Where everything has a place and perfection, in order for the things to flow the way they are supposed to. I like to have a routine and schedule to look at. The things to do list, to check off, makes me smile. I like to meal plan weekly, so at 4 o'clock I know what we are having. I like to have a balance of home time, class time, friend time and me time. I enjoy getting up before everyone else, so I can breathe, stretch, do some yoga poses and meditate, even if only for a few minutes. I love holidays and parties. I enjoy hosting events where I can bring joy to others! I like peace. I like when my kids are playing together and being creative. I really love when they make up games to play. At 7 and 10, that is amazing! To be a kid for as long as possible, what a treat.
As a mom I usually come last. That doesn't make sense, because if momma isn't happy, nobody is! So, as my husband heads off for another baseball season, I sit and try to process, what makes me happy? How will I handle the daily stress of three kids, homeschooling, running a home, all while my husband is gone? I made a list on my new phone and am trying to line up another grandparent day, a yoga class, etc. I have a saying, I used to say all the time when I taught in the classroom, "prevention is the key." This goes beyond school, it is a good life tool. I have been looking ahead to the season of single mom time and have decided to prevent mom meltdown. If I implement help from the village, I should be less lonely and stressed. So my homework is, when someone asks something of me, I will ask myself, "what do I need first?" I can help others, only after I have given myself the first minute, not the last. Move at my pace, help myself, so I am able to meet the needs of others. What a new way of life for me!

Things I find fascinating

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  • Birthing From Within
  • E Is For Ethics
  • Homeschooling
  • The Bradley Method Of Natural Childbirth
  • The Family Virtues Guide
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