Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Day Blessings

Well as I come to the end of a very long day, I'm inspired to write about this years May Day. We celebrated the Spring time tradition with at least 50 other home schoolers at a local park, filled with trees, flowers, birds and butterflies. All came and gathered around the May pole celebrating the arrival of spring, the fruits of our land, the circle of life. I became emotional seeing the new May queen, whom was pregnant. It reminded me of last year, when I was near the end of my pregnancy with Jenna. I had no idea when I walked in front of all, that I would be birthing a few days later. I remember the love I felt and how perfect the day seemed. The weaving of the pole was flawless, the songs were in perfect harmony, the children's performances were meaningful.

This year represented a different energy, one of transition and newness, many new people, new leaders, less days to prepare due to mother nature. As I sat back and enjoyed the scene, I had to laugh at the chaos around the pole as the older children struggled to weave over and under, as the adults strained to sing the songs not practiced before. I saw my children looking frustrated but they kept going, even though they had no idea which step was next. What a mirror of our real life, try to stay calm, go with the flow, help if you can, etc.

Wow, how life has changed with a third baby! We are on the go constantly so, she hardly gets a regular nap. She is a walker now, so we have to keep close eye on her to ensure she is safe. So, we don't get as much sitting down school work done. Our priorities have changed. We are enjoying our life together and making every moment count. We are learning to help each other in all areas, house work, yard work, school work, party planning, etc. Daddy still travels a lot, so we make an effort to send pictures daily, to keep him connected. We call and give play by plays during my son, Cade's, ball games. We do loud phone kisses, and kiss the baby on her head just like daddy!

As we ended the May pole and shared delicious food, I was amazed by what this group has become. For the most part the people all want the same things. A place to go, that is safe and loving. A place where the kids can be themselves. A place where parents can get support for school and parenting. The children look forward to seeing there friends, playing sports, climbing trees, exploring the river, catching bugs and playing house.

So, we are headed into a special weekend for Jenna. She is turning one! We will celebrate with family and close friends. Blessing Jenna for joining our family and sharing our wishes for her. We will also share our love for life. What a beautiful place we are in, with the love and energy to create all we want and all we have.

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