Monday, February 22, 2010

Is this right?

The advantage of homeschooling is to meet individual children's needs. It is difficult sometimes to stay true to your beliefs living in the society we live in now. I find this true for any alternative choice I try to make with my family. I will be going along thinking all is well, then someone questions what I'm doing. Or they will mention what their child is doing and I start to wonder is my kid behind? If you follow the Waldorf method or look at studies from Europe, my kid is right on track. They do not introduce reading until the age of 7-8. Children in a traditional setting are often forced to fit in the box and not allowed to explore outside of what is written in the teacher's plan book. I remember this from being in the classroom. You are just trying to keep everyone in control, while getting through a whole lesson, in each subject everyday. This will insure that you finish the workbooks, so the children will pass all tests and meet all the standards, to move to the next grade level. Ha! What about the poor second language learner or the child who doesn't get any help at home or the child who is a kinesthetic learner, who needs to be moving at all the time! They are constantly in trouble and then really aren't going to get the right education! I am constantly trying to meet my 8 year old boy and 5 year old girl's needs, which are very different. At the same time I am trying to break my mold that I was raised in and taught in. The fun thing about homeschooling is that if you look at it like an adventure, you will get where you are supposed to be eventually. It is not a race, you will hit bumps, you will have doubt, but for the most part you are very lucky to have an opportunity to learn with your child! One day at a time.

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