Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We Got Cable TV!

Well, we finally joined the majority and got cable TV. I have been limiting TV since the kids were little. Heck, I watched TV on mute for my son's first 2 years of life! I am really trying hard to censor what they see, I believe that they are so impressionable and don't need the stress of the everyday news or media to worry them or influence them. They are happy when they get to watch something and I have tried to relax a little, so I can have a break from the non stop play time or teaching. I do have a hard time not feeling guilty! I just want them to enjoy simple things and to build on their passions and imagination. Sounds good, well, my husband really wanted to have cable for the past 8 years. He travels so much that I don't see the point. I do feel he works so hard, that he should have the simple pleasure of watching what he wants. So here comes the compromise. I did not object loudly to a new TV. Now the cable. I let the kids watch a show tonight, and had a hard time seeing how the kid shows are really appropriate for young kids. I know most people don't see any problem, but I do. When they characters are dressing like adults, in revealing outfits, talking about adult relationships and bullying each other, I can't believe that that's the norm!!! I have a hard time trying to keep balance when we are home all day, my husband travels a lot and I don't hardly get a break. It is going to be a challenge that I feel I must fight. I will let the children watch some shows, as long as they are age appropriate, by my standards, not the cable guy's!

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