Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bagua Workshop

Wow, what an uplifting day!! I had the opportunity to attend a Bagua Workshop held at my therapists office. I actually feel she is more of a life coach for me, I of course have no problems :)!

The day was the first day of spring and she had incense burning in the entry way, we got sprayed with lavender and anointed our hands and inhaled lavender oils. We then chose an angel card with one word on it. There were about twelve participants, 3 being men. We all shared our card with each other and gave a word that came to mind. My word was Enthusiasm! What a perfect word for me. I love new things that are to help bring focus and clarity.

After that we looked at images and shared what we felt when we looked at them. We then shared color cards and read what each color stood for. My color was pink which represented the relationship corner and love.

The Bagua board, as I understand it is like a vision or dream board. It has nine quadrants and each is represented by colors, images, words and helps bring consciousness. We did a few meditations throughout the day to help keep our mind and body connected to the experience.

My paid friend had worked in the past in gerontology. She used to ask people what they were grateful for and one guy said he was grateful to be vertical! She then posed the question to us . We went through all the different phases of life, 18 and under, 20, 30, 40, ect. all the way to 100 years old. We wrote down our thoughts on what we would be grateful for at that age. It was enlightening to see how we always wanted connection with others, health and happiness. We get these things in different ways at different parts of our lives. We then received a gratitude box, mine was in the shape of a heart. We wrote 5 things down that we are grateful for. Mine were qualities I like about myself. We are supposed to write things down everyday and when we are having an off day, to read them.

We were fed wonderful food, of course I would have been happy with peanut butter and jelly as long as I didn't have to make it!! During lunch we chatted and I met this amazing woman whom works with pregnant drug addicts, in recovery. We shared our passion for informing women and being there for the babies.

After lunch we finally learned about the nine quadrants for the board. It was then time to find pictures that meant something to us from old magazines. I found it interesting how people went about this process differently. Some were cutting each picture as they came to it. I like flipping through the magazine quickly and ripping out any picture that grabs my eye. I had so many pictures I was wondering if my board was going to be too cluttered like my home and life! This process took 3 hours!! Including gluing the pictures in the different sections. We then put our boards out and blessed each person. It was powerful to be allowed into people private lives, via the board. I was amazed by how my life overlaps in many areas. I also noticed that I am so focused on my family and career, that my relationship corner seemed to be lacking. I look forward to continuing looking at my board daily so as to manifest the things I want for 2010. I feel so confident in this process and attention to the law of attraction, that I hope I can share it family and friends!

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