Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Kite Got Stuck, I'm Moving Out!!

Monday was a very windy, wild day! Too cold for me, but just right for daddy, our two kids and two neighbor kids! He took them to the school around the corner to fly three kites. My 8 year old son was gracious enough to share his big kite with his 5 year old sister. She of course is small and trying to manage it was quite challenging. She got the kite stuck in the phone lines and my son was quite distraught. My husband managed to get it down. Well after some coaxing, he let Josie try again. When they got home they were so happy to have so much fun with their friends at the school yard. After dinner we have a tradition where you tell the best and sometimes worst part of your day. Well Cade said the best part was flying the kite, the worst was Josie getting it stuck in the line! Of course she felt bad, and he had a way of making her feel a bit worse. We talked with him, had him apologize for making her feel worse, pointing out how it all worked out. After dinner Josie had me write down her dictation in a card addressed to all of us. She said it was going to be sad.

It said: Dear Dad, Mom and Cade, I have been very happy to stay with you. Now is the time I'm going to move on. Tomorrow, I'm going. Love, Josie

I tried to hold my composure as she called us all in for something very serious. She asked daddy and I to open the envelope, she then proceeded to try and read it. She then needed me to whisper the words in her ear. As she read it I let out a crazy sad cry! She was laughing so hard at how sad I was. She told us she would move to her cousins in Oregon. She packed her suitcase and has been living out of it for three days! Oh, she did go out front and come to my front door, pretending it was a hotel and asked if I had room for her to stay! Of course I do!!!

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