Monday, March 29, 2010

Simple Treasures

One tradition I started a few years ago is to say the best part of your day at the end of dinner. It has led to many discussion on life and how to look for the good in things. Often if they didn't get to play with a friend, they will say that nothing was good. I then have to help remind them of the fun they did have.

Another simple thing I do almost daily is write things down on the fridge to remember the good things. I started this five years ago when my daughter was born and was having a hard time focusing on the good, because I was always tired and the 15 minute naps were never enough to regroup. I take a blank piece of paper, write the month and year at top and the kids initials. I try to keep the process as stress free as possible. It has been so funny to go back and reread the comments they have made.

The last simple thing I started doing a few weeks ago was to set my phone alarm for every hour. I had had a conversation with a friend that told me about a meditation retreat, where they would ring the bell hourly, you had to stop and meditate. Well we thought we need a Momma Monk that lives our busy life and can actually stop and breathe or focus on something good. I then thought of my fancy phone and promptly set the alarm for a lovely harp sound. It goes off and has a space for a positive affirmation. The morning one says "you will have a great day." The one before dinner says "get ready for a yummy dinner." The last one reminds me how lucky I am. My son heard the alarm and I told him that it said to be greatfull for what we have and that we are lucky. He said "does it automatically send that out?" I said, "I set it!" He thought it would be good to have one that said we would have a great day in school!

Simple tools for real moms!

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