Friday, May 7, 2010

Going With The Flow

Easier said then done! I have this ideal school day in my head, and even after almost 4 years, I still have a hard time being flexible! One of the reasons I like homeschooling is so we don't have to get caught in the crazy hustle and bustle of day to day school routines. We can go with the moment, hang out with daddy when he is home, go to places at off times. Well, this is also what tends to throw me off! My husband was home this morning getting ready to travel and he needed help with laundry. So, the kids watched a short movie, while I tried to get his stuff together. I can do this, right? Well as soon as he left and the kids were ready, I'm still in my robe and we haven't done a pinch of school work! I found myself going around the home staring at piles and projects not wanting to start any because it was school time. Well this continued until, I called my mom for encouragement. We decided that my son was discovering a lot, building a monster tank with K-Nex. I then gathered the kids to go to the car wash, where we would explore different types of jobs. We quickly found out that the car wash had gone out of business!! There went that lesson. What happened to my fun Friday I was trying to implement or was it fast Friday? Today felt like flop Friday! I am really good at looking at everyday activities and making them sound educational. My kids will often try and convince me to let them play a game or watch something because it is about science or math. So here it goes: life skills, making bed, getting dressed, sticking to a routine; movie: Pippy Longstalking-homeschooled child, manners, imagination exploration; K-Nex building, symmetry, science, math; thrift store shopping- price comparisons, math, more/less than; gymnastics-P.E.; calendar- math, scheduling, priorities. Well, I maybe stretching it today, but when I saw my 8 year old boy pick up a Star Wars book and read out front by the tree, I knew that it was worth it!!

Things I find fascinating

  • Bagua Board/ Dream board
  • Balanced Birth Approach
  • Birthing From Within
  • E Is For Ethics
  • Homeschooling
  • The Bradley Method Of Natural Childbirth
  • The Family Virtues Guide
  • The Power of Wisdom
  • Waldorf
  • Young Living Essential Oils
  • Zen in Ten Seconds